Saturday, June 14, 2008

High School Poem.

I wrote about each grade after completing it (yes, I've had this since 9th grade.) 9th grade- 9 lines, 9 syllables; 10th grade- 10 lines, 10 syllables....etc

High School

Oh, my freshman year and all is new.
I take a look around, what to do?
So many people I do not know,
Are they my friends or are they my foes?
Responsibility is a must.
Will it take long for me to adjust?
All of the comforts I once held dear
Are being suppressed by high school fear.
Whew! School's out! Good-bye to freshman year.

My sophomore, year the campus is the same.
Hey, check it out! These people know my name.
My group of peeps, yeah we're pretty good friends:
The gossip, movies, and all the hot trends.
Getting' used to long hours of study,
Although my time management is cruddy.
I see the freshman and oh what a sight!
For I cannot believe I was that up tight.
"The last day of school!" I say with a sneer,
So glad it's over, good-bye sophomore year

My junior year, I got this high school stuff down:
Pay attention in class, don't act like a clown.
Takin' on the world with studies, sports, and work.
No time for hangin' out, that's the biggest quirk.
You tell me to get a life, that's how it sounds.
Just try to lift my backpack, it's 50 pounds!
You say "get lots of sleep to do your best,"
But I'm up 'til one studying for my test.
Our time is running out and the end is near.
Clap your hands, stomp your feet and let out a cheer.
Toughest one so far, good-bye junior year.

Now I'm a senior, can't wait to get outta here.
Every deadline imaginable is so near.
Personal statements, scholarship applications,
Jostens, college, GPA verifications,
I can't get this accomplished and keep up my grades.
The harder I work, the more motivation fades.
I'm waiting to hear if I will get accepted
To my dream college or will I be rejected.
For all the trials, I have appreciation
Cuz it's all worth it the day of graduation.
Such an emotional time, and so with a tear
I say good-bye to my friends; good-bye senior year.

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