Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Karankawa Okinawa

English III
September, 26, 2005

Men, Women, and Friends of all clans,
Please take note of the Spaniard’s plans:
They rose with Shakura’s fiery sphere
Aboard a large tree in which they could steer.
We hoped a simple handshake would suffice,
But instead we grasped a shinny tooth,
Which gave our palms a slice.
This forebode our imminent dangers,
Administered by these mordant strangers.

From our Karankawa to your Tonkawa,
From Apache to Comanche,
Atakapan and Kickapoo,
Caddo, Juamano and Cherokee, too,
You will have plenty of notice
To form your resistance,
For you can smell the Spaniards
Coming from quite a distance.

But do be aware,
They come to pillage, plunder, and snare.
Raping your sisters, daughters and wives,
Taking your riches, culture, and lives.

They’ve destroyed our being with no hesitation,
Drained our souls while teaching salvation.
Forcing us to succumb to annihilation,
Denying us de-institutionalization
From this world of fear, frustration
Sorrow, strife, and devestation.

Beware of those who speak out against sin,
Yet exemplify a state of being therein.

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